Import existing drupal site to Aegir


  • Source (old): Drupal 7 site from a multisite installation
  • Target (new): Aegir with a verified platform based on a copy of the multisite installation
  • Source is sitting on different server (different IPs) to the Target
  • Backup and Migrate installed


  1. While the old installation is still running and DNS resolves the old IP. log in and make a regular backup of database using Backup and Migrate. Save it to your local disk.
  2. Log to domain management and edit Host records, so from now on, the DNS will resolv the new IP. Wait untill the DNS records propagate.

Create new site in Aegir

Create brand new site under the platform where we want to import the site. Verify.

Import files

  1. In target machine: rsync -ave ssh <user@source_IP>:/var/www/multisite/sites//files/ /var/aegir/platforms//sites//files/
  2. cd /var/aegir/platforms//sites/
  3. chown aegir:www-data files -R
  4. verify the site in Aegir

Import database

  1. Log into the new site
  2. Enable Backup and Migrate
    1. Restore database from the file on local disk we got in the point 1 in Prep section.
  3. verify site in Aegir