Todo system - what it should do

Heavily inspired by Getting Things Done system is also a set of rules to organise, sort and keep track of tasks and projects. Unlike GTD, this system makes no assumptions about how it's user "should" be thinking. Instead, it forces it's user to take complete responsibility for made decisions.

It is based on the following decision process:

Step 1: Is it worth tracking?

This is absolutely the most critical question. There is no way around this. You will have to learn to make this kind of decision and the system will help you do that. So is it worth? Many (and I really mean MANY) thoughts / ideas and todos are actually not worth the effort. So why bother? Just forget them straight away. (and trust me, they will return back if they actually are worth it).

Step 2: Does it need scheduling?

Ok, so lets say it is worth investing time and effort into it. Next question is: 'Is it relevant now or later?'

Want to make sure that you will get flowers for your partner's birthday that is coming up in 7 months time? Well, relax. There is absolutely nothing you can do about it now. So give yourself a break on this one and schedule it. Bathroom needs urgent cleaning? If yes, record the task now so you can get onto it soon.

Step 3: Sub tasks involved?

The natural way of thinking is quite sequential. Even massive projects can be broken into many sub task. To reach our set goals, we often have to finish series of tasks in particular order. This kind of mind mapping is complex and takes great amount of resources to put into any system. allows you to chain dependent tasks and only serves you back those that are relevant. In other words, if task is not immediately actionable, it will have subtasks.

Repeating this process is the key. Repeat as often as you need. Over time you will start noticing patterns of thoughts / tasks that will bring a significance to your life.

You will teach yourself which thoughts are a waste (keep repeating and coming back but don't lead to any result) and which lead to getting things done.

In fact, you will discover a whole new world about yourself.