Upgrade Aegir platform

Ok, so this will happen every now and then, as new module releases come out. Aegir doesn't have any automatic way to upgrade Platform, but it can be done using Drush and a script. (The below guide is for updating modules only)

sudo aegir
cd /var/aegir/platforms/
rsync -av <current_platform>/ <new_platform>
cd <new_platform>/sites
rm -r <site1 site2 site3 ...> (clear all of the sites)
cd all
chown -R aegir:aegir <new_platform>/modules (just to make sure)
Log into Aegir, create new platform, verify
echo `ls modules` > mlist.txt
remove all the module folders
drush dl `cat mlist.txt`
do this: <a href="http://kostir.com/node/15">http://kostir.com/node/15</a>