Memcached setup for Aegir site


  • Debian based OS
  • running within Aegir
  • Memcached Storage installed for
  • Memcached service running on the system

Create a new instance of Memcached

New instance of Memcached should be created for every that runs within Aegir:

cd /etc
rsync -a memcached.conf memcached_<site_com>.conf
vim memcached_<site_com>.conf - (change the port number - increase by one), save
service memcached start

Enable Memcache Storage

su aegir
drush @<site_com> en memcache_storage

Add local.settings.php

Settings.php in the have to be edited according to the Memcache Storage Readme. However in Aegir, we can't do it directly as Settings.php of each site gets rewritten on site verification. We have to add local.settings.php file.

cd /var/aegir/platforms/<my_platform>/sites/<site_com>
touch local.settings.php
chown aegir:aegir local.settings.php
chmod 444 local.settings.php
chmod +w local.settings.php
vim local.settings.php (change the "X" for the number of the port we crated in point 3 in the first section)
'default'); $conf['memcache_bins'] = array('cache' => 'default'); ?>
chmod -w local.settings.php
verify <site_com>