Choux pastry


Pastry x4

65g/ flour (260g)
pinch of salt and sugar
(stir to combine)

120ml water (480ml)
57g butter (228g)
(bring to the boil)

once water and butter mixture comes to the boil add flour mixture and beat until leaves the sides and water evaporates a bit

in mixer mix until dough it tepid

add 2 eggs (beaten) small quantities at a time
often not all the egg is needed!
(1 ½ eggs is what I used, and I often make X2 the quantities so I use 3 eggs all up!)
(x4 = 6 eggs)

whip for a few mins until the dough resembles a batter almost.

Cream filling

200g icing sugar
150g butter
and whipped cream and mix!


oven pre heated at 200 for 15 mins and 20 mins on 180 my oven at 250 for a 20 mins