MUMUM’S CHRISTMAS CAKE (Written down in 1951)


1 lb Rulang, (roasted)
1 lb Butter, (Rs.2/90)
2 lbs Soft Sugar,(caster)
1 lb Icing Sugar,
1 lb Sultanas, (Rs.1/30)
1 lb Raisins, (Rs.1/50)
¼ lb Currants (Rs.1/00)
¼ lb Candied Peel,
1/8 lb Cherries
1 lb Ginger Preserve,
1 lb Chow Chow,
1 lb Pumpkin Preserve,
450 Cadjunuts (Rs.2/50)
25 Egg Yolks,
08 Egg Whites,
2 bottles Vanilla,
1 bottle Almond Essence ? ½ bottle otherwise cake will be somewhat bitter,
1 t.s. Brandy,
1 t.s. Bees’ honey,
3 t.s. All Spice.


Prepare fruit overnight.( chopped up and mixed through with brandy and bees honey)
Roast rulang and mix with 1 lb of butter, and keep aside for 4 hours, until fully cooled.
Beat yolks and sugar together; and add to buttered rulang.(semolina)
Mix well.
Add the prepared fruit.
Add nuts, spices and whites.
Add all essences.

Line tray with newspaper (about 1 cm thick) and oil paper.