Turkey breast stuffed with pork, prunes, and pistachio, boned, rolled and roasted served with Pear and Sage Chutney



1 x 5 kg turkey buffet (breast meat only)


500 grams pork mince
1 cup pitted prunes, soaked in ¼ cup Brandy
½ cup pistachio nuts, shelled
3 cups fresh breadcrumbs
1 bunch chives, finely chopped
Salt and cracked pepper
2 eggs

Poultry Pins, or string


Combine all the stuffing ingredients and refrigerate until required.

To bone the turkey buffet, place turkey buffet onto new damp chux cloth so it won’t move. Make a cut down the bottom, in the centre of the buffet near the wings until you can feel bone, the breast meat will be underneath. Gently scrap away the flesh and remove wing bone. Using a sharp knife make a slice along the side of the breast bone and gently cut away the flesh removing the breast meat, you have to do this on both sides. The flesh is quite easily removed. One you have sliced away both sides you are left with the flesh attached to the breast plate bone which is quite a flat bone and you must scrap away the flesh to remove the carcass completely.

Once the carcass is removed place the turkey buffet onto the kitchen surface and spread out the skin and see how even the flesh is. You may slice some meat of the buffet to even up the thickness of the turkey meat, to cover the skin surface.

Spread the filling onto the turkey breast, leaving about 1/5th of the skin for securing into place when we roll it into a roulade.

Take the skin on the filling side and begin to roll the turkey roll, making sure the filling is not oozing out. Roll up towards the bare skin and using your poultry pins start securing the roll into place with the pins. Continue until the roll is totally sealed and in place.

Place in a baking tray, drizzle with vegetable oil and bake at 175 ̊C for 1 ½ hours.